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The Origin of Species Introduction



27,000 Free Copies of Darwin's Famous Book Given Away to Coincide with Richard Dawkin's Meetings

Press Release 3-8-2010

New Zealand born author, Ray Comfort (who lives in the United States) said, "I will be interested to see if the Professor once again reveals how afraid he is for people to read the Foreword, by telling them to rip it out--as he did in Canada recently."
           In November of 2009, Comfort gave away 170,000 copies of On the Origin of Species to students at 100 of America's top universities. His team will also be giving away 1,000 free copies of Darwin's famous book as people leave the Christchurch Town Hall, New Zealand, on March 11, after listening to atheist Richard Dawkins. A total of 26,000 copies of the more than 300-page special edition of, On the Origin of Species were given out in Melbourn, Brisbane, Auckland and Wellington on the 9th of March--at each to coincide with Richard Dawkins speaking.
           When asked if he would debate Comfort about the existence of God, Dawkins replied "There's nothing to debate. It would be like having a debate with a flat-earther."(1.) In response, Comfort said, "Calling your opponent a 'flat-earther,' an 'ignorant fool,' and 'an idiot' (as he did on CNN recently) are classic signs of a man who is insecure in his beliefs. An ad hominem means to attack your opponent rather than his argument, because your argument is weak."
           Ray Comfort has debated atheistic evolution on America's ABC TV, on the BBC, and has been a platform speaker for American Atheists, Inc. His "The Atheist Test" booklet has sold more than one million copies. The best-selling author, reasoned, "If I am such an ignorant fool, why did Professor Dawkins tell Canadian university students to rip out my Foreword to On the origin of Species? If what I had written was ignorant foolishness, why not let people read it to see how weak my arguments are?"
           This battle seems to have begun when Comfort's, You Can Lead an Atheists to Evidence But You Can't Make Him Think bumped Richard Dawkin's God Delusion off the Amazon number one position, in the atheist division. Hundreds of atheists then flooded Amazon and gave the publication bad reviews, in an effort to bring Comfort's book down in the ratings. Comfort mused, "The reviews start off by saying that the book is the best thing since sliced bread, and then there are hundreds saying it's worse than the worst piece of mold-laden bread." 
           The outspoken author then challenged the Professor to a debate about the existence of God, offering him $20,000 for his trouble. Dawkins said he wanted $100,000, and called him "an ignorant fool." Comfort put that commendation on the front cover of his next book Nothing Created Everything--the scientific impossibility of atheistic evolution, and used a morphed picture of Charles Darwin turning into Richard Dawkins, for the cover graphic.
           When asked about the giveaway to 170,000 university students in the U.S., he called Comfort "an idiot" on international television.(2.) Comfort said, "And then he began to use my comedy routine, and was getting quite a few laughs when doing it."(3.) 
           But when the author heard that Professor Richard Dawkins was going to his home town of Christchurch, New Zealand, it became even more personal. "This is a city where I (almost daily), for 12 years, poured my heart out in the local 'Speaker's Corner.' Over 3,000 times I climbed onto a soapbox and spoke to crowds in an effort to turn people's thoughts to God, and if the learned professor thinks he is going to walk right in and undo that without any opposition, he has another thought coming. All I want is for people to know that the theory of evolution is bogus science. Charles Darwin lamented the lack of species-to-species transitional forms, and 150 years later, the missing link is still missing."
           Comfort maintains, "Man, with all his technology can't create a grain of sand from nothing, let alone a leaf, a flower, or a frog. So how intellectually dishonest is it for Richard Dawkins to say that nothing created everything (something he believes). Add to that the fact that the professor has a weird belief that we may have been created by aliens,(4.) that we are cousins of bananas, (5.) that nothing did create everything,(6.) and he does it all in the guise of science. Then he says that anyone who doesn't believe as he does is 'ignorant, stupid or insane.'(7.) He turns 70 next year, so I hope that he comes to see the difference between the hypocritical religion he so despises, and God, before he goes to meet His Maker."

(1.) "Deluge of Delusion," Your Weekend Magazine, Christchurch Press (Feb. 2010).



(4.) "Expelled."

(5.) The Greatest Show on Earth, Richard Dawkins, chapter 1, "Only a theory?"


(7.) "It is absolutely safe to say that, if you meet somebody who claims not to believe in evolution, that person is ignorant, stupid or insane (or wicked, but I'd rather not consider that)." -- Richard Dawkins, quoted from Josh Gilder, a creationist, in his critical review, "PBS's 'Evolution' series is propaganda, not science" (September, 2001).

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